Conference proceedings

Preparation of the manuscripts for ICOMF14 Proceedings (published in "MATEC Web of Conferences", EDP Sciences publisher)

Any conference participant is welcome to submit a manuscript on the topic that he/she presented at ICOMF14 (oral or poster). Authors are asked to prepare manuscripts using the template available on ICOMF14 website (file "Microsoft_Word_A4_2_columns_MATEC_WOC.docx" or "Microsoft_Word_A4_2_columns_MATEC_WOC.doc").

Manuscripts should not exceed 4 pages and will include the following sections:

The corresponding author will be identified by an asterisk in the author list and his/her email address will be specified.

Manuscripts will be addressed to the conference organizing committee before September 1, 2012 for peer review process and publication.

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